A Letter from Nishrin Jafri Hussain to Teesta Setalvad

Zakia Jafri

Dear Teesta,

Here is a message from Ammi (Zakiya Naseem Jafri) for you. You and your determination to bring the guilty to justice has given strength and peace to her and other victim’s lives. Every day she has been praying for your safety and victory.

In her words, “mera roam roam tumhare liye dua karta hai, mera dil jaanta hai tumhara har kadam Gujarat ke mazloomo ki madad me juda hai”, “meri duaaen tumhare saath hai, hamara dukh, hamare saath jo beeta hai, wo tumhare se behter koi nahi jaanta, hame pura yakin hai tumhe kaamyabi jaroor meligi, hindustaan ke log tumhare saath hai”

“Upperwale ke ghar der hai andher nahin hai”.

Log hansti hui aankhon pay yaqeen rakhte hain,
Meray aansu mere jazbat koi kya jane,
Ek tu hai jisay maloom hein sari baatein,
Shab-e-Hijran mere haalat koi kya jane.

With lots of Love.
Zakiya Naseem Jafri

( Nishrin Jafri Hussain in an open Facebook Letter to Teesta Setalvad. Nishrin Jafri Hussain is daughter of  Zakia Jafri and Late Ahsan Jafri. In 2002 Gulberg society was burnt down by Hindu Right Wing Forces. Ahsan Jafri was killed by the same forces the same day at Gurlberg.

Zakia Jafri and Teesta Setalvad (Co-petitioner) are fighting a case against many powerful people in Gujrat to bring the culprits to book. Zakia Jafri has also accused the present Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and then Chief Minister of Gujrat in this case. Teesta Setalvad has won 117 cases against the rioters in Gujrat. Centre has recently asked CBI to probe Teesta Setalvad’s ‘company’ )

6 thoughts on “A Letter from Nishrin Jafri Hussain to Teesta Setalvad

  1. Words fail to congratulate Teesta for her determined fight to get justice for the victims of genocide perpetrated by right wing communal hordes. I stand with her along with millions of right thinking Indians. Dead sure to win sooner than later.

  2. Together with countless others, I look forward to the day when truth will be established on the 2002-riots and the victims will find justice.
    Stan Swamy

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