Brinda Karat in conversation with Teesta Setalvad (Full Interview)




One thought on “Brinda Karat in conversation with Teesta Setalvad (Full Interview)

  1. When it rains in Moscow the Indian communists opened their umbrrellas is what people used to say in 50s and 60s. One finds in this interview the Left led by Karat family has not learnt its lesson. From the time Jyothi basu was not allowed to become PM due to some ideological garbage the left continues to wallow in this “idelogy’ justification for their actions.Mrs Brinda says Congress is singularly responsible for BJP rise but was not UPA II propped up by the left?2G.Coal blcok allocation, VIP helicopter scam etc etc.But who is responsible. Why the left was sleeping at that time.It continues to talk about genuine secularism and innocent Muslims.This is one single cause which has forced even middle of the road educated Hindus to gravitate towards BJP. West Bengal was pocket burrough.of Left. Today Burdwan blasts, Murshidabad Madrassa role etc, it is BJP which is fighting the Mamtha government not the Left. Why? Mrs.Brinda talks about Hindu communalism but keeps silent on Muslim terrorism. this will only shrink its space further.Both of you talk about Media. Modi was singularly targetted during entire Loksabha by Indian Media as it was aligned with west and Us money bags. this made the HIndu community to red rag and vote for BJP. Even some elements went to US congress to complain about Modi and Gujerat which also alieniated the Majority community. Today the Economic advisor is an American as also the RBI governor. What the left is doing? Every one knows now who are the string pullers of Left who sit in AC rooms of New Delhi and talk about poor , dalits and Minorities. The Judiciary, the less said about it is better but Left has done nothing in this crucial adjournment of cases and nexus between lawyers and Judiciary.

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