2002 survivor Sultana on Modi

The Panchmahals district (near Godhra) in Gujarat, witnessed some of the most horrific violence unleashed during the 2002 carnage. Like elsewhere in the state, the violence was marked by assaults targetting women; most such gangrapes went largely unreported.

Sultana, one of the most courageous survivors, decided not just to break her silence, but seek justice as well. After giving a chilling account of the incident itself, Sultana speaks of the most ghastly thing that happened later: Modi’s Gaurav Yatra (the Pride Parade), chooses as its halt the very site of the incident, where Chief Minister Modi, instead of expressing any regret, addresses his cadres, supporters and bystanders, and speaks of the riot-related reports as a conspiracy to defame Gujarat.

This is an excerpt from Final Solution, the national award-winning film that probes politics of hate. The film, premiered at the Berlin film festival, has over a dozen international awards, including the Berlinale’s Staudte Prize (now known as the Golden Bear for Best Debut).

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