Vote for the fascists, Live without dignity – Dibyesh Anand

Zakia Jafri

When your father or grand father is hacked and burnt to death along with 68 others in one go
When your father or grandfather is one of the 780 killed for having a name that is not part of the majority community
When your mother or grand mother has to run from pillar to post to get justice
When all she gets are blank defiant faces of judiciary and arrogance of authorities
When she breaks down as she fights the injustice …

I shall tell you no one is responsible for the hacking and burning to death of your (grand)mother’s husband
I shall tell you be happy for the good roads and vote
I shall tell you be happy for the free masks of the killers and vote
I shall tell you to cover your sorrow with that ugly mask of good roads and ruthless killings and vote

Don’t forget.
You do live in an unjust republic of majoritarian nation.
Vote for the killers
Vote for the fascists
Live without dignity
Live in fear

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