Ek Anek Aur Ekta (1974)


This is the video ((Ek Anek aur Ekta (1974)) many of us watched as children. In those days we were taught it was smart to stay united. It was shameful to be communal. It was really that simple and that basic.

We as a nation have reached wherever we have because we have stuck it out together. From a country that couldn’t make a needle we have indeed reached somewhere. We have tried to rectify our age old mistakes of casteism, sexism and communalism. Many of us had got together to make this country and this world a safe place for everyone.

Where did we lose track? Why have we started believing again that UNITY is a small thing? That affirmative actions to secure everyone’s interests hurts anybody’s interests? Why do we want to obliterate our minorities? What all will we erase from our world eventually? The people, the kebabs, the tameez, the tehzib, the Muslims, the Christians, the Dalits, the Sikhs, The Parsis, The women, The not so manly men, The not so womanly Women, the intersex, The LGBT? The darker ones? The not so fair ones?

Are we heading to kill and destroy all that we have created over six decades?

Sharing a piece of Nostalgia that a group of friends watched in Lucknow many years ago….when they didn’t know their religion …they didn’t really care…all they wanted to live by…was their friendship and the joy of togetherness!
(Friends of Lucknow)

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