Ahmedabad school ‘class’ifies std IX students based on religion!


Students are usually sent to divisions in a class based on merit and marks. But a distribution based on religion? Exactly. That is what has happened at the MK Secondary and Higher Secondary School located opposite Law Garden.

It has distributed the students of class IX according to their faith. Though the school authorities have admitted to it, they claimed it was just an administrative mistake.

When the school reopened on Monday, students were surprised to find all Muslim students in one division of class 9. Many parents even expressed reservations at that.

“We were shocked to hear from our children that all Muslim students had been put in one division. Children also complained that their friends and classmates were put in another division,” said a parent on condition of anonymity.

“We were scared of the intentions of the school authorities. Why did they put only Muslim students in one division. What was the purpose? We met the principal and he said that it was just a mistake and not intentional,” he added.

Confirming that parents had met him and opposed the move, Deven Rathod, the principal of M K Secondary and Higher Secondary School, said: “We have received a representation from the parents. But I want to make it clear that this division was not done intentionally. It is just a mistake at the time of distribution of students in different divisions of class 9.”

Rathod explained: “As class 8 has been included in primary education, we have to do fresh admissions for class 9. During this process, an administrative mistake might have occurred. It could have been done by anybody. But as head of the school, I take responsibility for it. We have also assured the parents that we will change the divisions according to their wish.”

The school is run by Gujarat Law Society, which runs a number of educational institutions, including schools and colleges, in the city.
District education officer R I Patel was not available for comment.


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