Naz of LGBT community

PROJECT BOLO, meaning ‘Project Speak Up’, offers role models by documenting Indian LGBT persons — their growing up, struggles, love, career, achievements and life.

Project Bolo’s objective is to record Indian LGBT history, as well as inspire and empower the LGBT community in India, by presenting video interviews of LGBT persons and role models, who ‘speak up’ about their life and work.

This interview features SHIVANANDA KHAN.



Shiv belonged nowhere and yet, everywhere.

Born in a remote North Eastern state of India, then migrating to UK, fighting racism and setting up a support group of South Asian LGBT persons in London, followed by health support groups for MSM across India, Bangladesh and other South Asian countries – these were progressions on a pathbreaking journey that took Shiv to being honoured by the Queen herself with an OBE. Shiv became Sir Shivananda Khan. But he wore these honours lightly and continued to tirelessly work for the causes he believed in – from some of the remotest corners of the world to the highest corridors of power – Shivananda Khan straddled several worlds and personalities with élan and conviction.

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