Designated Smoking Corner – Nina Sangma


Hey! Non-smokers! Leave Us the Hell Alone!

Every time i go to watch a movie at the nearest mall, even before the film starts i’m welcomed by some crudely cut montages of people talking about how smoking is injurious to health, with a suicidal voice over claiming smokers are sure to die of some deserved cancer of the lungs.

I don’t think so! I think smokers in this country of sanctimonious idiots are more likely to die as result of social ostracization. Everywhere you go if you’re caught smoking, noses crinkle up and stares get filthier. And god forbid if you’re a woman and smoking. Then you must also have loose morals. That’s the maths and that’s the equation.

Yes i know smoking is injurious to my health, yes i buy that argument but unless you’re sponsoring my next pack of ciggerettes, i think those of you who have a problem with it can go some where the sun don’t shine!

For all those concerned mothers who are scared the sight of smokers will scar their kids for life, i got news for you ladies, the memory of you making out with that fugly husband of yours will probably ensure the kid is set for life. Good luck with the shrink’s bills.

People there are far worse things to waste your judgement on. Cast it on the rapists and child molesters. Cast it on Ekta Kapoor who continues to victimize you with her sordid tales of kitchen politics. Cast it also on the hypocritical society we’ve become. Seriously smokers are small fry. They don’t need your rescuing nor your solutions.

Oh lookie here, some fun facts about smoking

For every Joe who dies of smoking related diseases, there are 20 more who die in earthquakes.

Every year, there are approximately 46,000 deaths from heart disease in people who are current non-smokers.

Both in ancient America and in sixteenth-century Europe, “holy smoke” from tobacco was thought to help cure illness and drive out evil spirits.

The term “smoking” wasn’t established until the late seventeenth century. Before then, it was often referred to as “Dry Drunkenness”

Ironically, smoking has been directly linked to sexual impotence. What was that you said about population control?

And no this does not mean you should take up smoking. Do it entirely at your risk. Just know that before you judge a smoker enjoying his/her quiet time, someone some where is getting raped, tortured, murdered in the name of religion! Just saying


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