Shaleen Rakesh

More than your summer plans
of green tea and gorky
of yoga and yogurt
of sequels and starbucks

give me the option
to kiss you
my exquisite love
to dance in the middle of the street
where I can rest my head
on your shoulders
and breathe in your perfume

to stand naked on the square
and spin you out of control
to not worry about
making another mistake
and just dance while everyone watches

A grip on your back
the music and the wine
just two men and the city
the wind in our hair
the evening at our hands.

– Shaleen Rakesh

Hillele is proud to introduce THE BLING DIARY by Shaleen Rakesh.
Shaleen works as an activist on gay rights in New Delhi, India. When he is (also when he is not) traveling down fabulous Indian village roads, he takes pictures and writes poetry. The Bling Diary is a queer poetry column updated whenever its time to run down the street with sparklers.

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