THE WATERFALL – A Film by Parvez Imam


(THANKS FOR SUCH AN AMAZING RESPONSE TO THE FILM. We are taking off the film! If another demand to watch the film arises we’ll be happy to re-post it after a few weeks.)

Thank you for watching! If it set you thinking, then forward the link to friends and help THE WATERFALL reach out to people.

Duration: 44min / Eng
Produced by: f-20 Communications

A take on the Palestine-Israel conflict straight from people like you and me!

Five random travelers come together to trek to a waterfall in Hampi — a serene heartland in Southern India, famous for its ruins, temples and a river. They trudge across the surreal landscape, happily disconnected from their routine lives. To recharge their energies after walking for sometime they stop under a rock shelter. An innocuous discussion begins to change the trajectory of their thoughts.

Meanwhile, in yet another part of Hampi, an Israeli photographer is searching for peace through meditation when most other backpackers choose drugs.

And, a young Palestinian doctor, travels half the globe to a small country in South America, hoping to make others understand the routine challenges of life in her homeland.

Everybody is searching for something. Can they find it?

‘The Waterfall’ is a journey that brings together all these people, as they share their hopes and angst while searching for answers.

This film is shot by a one-man unit.
The project could not have been completed without the support of many friends and like-minded people.

Support the project: Buy DVDs and / or organize screenings of this independent project. Email f20 films:

About the Filmamaker:
Parvez is an independent filmmaker, musician, writer, traveler who has worked on many films of human interest. He experiments with genres and styles to tell his stories with simplicity. A doctor by profession, he used to work in Psychiatry before he took to filmmaking in 1995.


3 thoughts on “THE WATERFALL – A Film by Parvez Imam

  1. big salute t you parvez an the entire team and people associated with this film.powerful and meaningful ,, hope one DAY we will have peace with justice .it will not come its own ,,,,,we all have to work for it as you guys have done

  2. Great Job Parvez Ji, THE WATERFALL ,I got to u,,hope it’s reach to all of them out there! Thanks for sharing your wounderfull work into us. Once again Salute Parvez Imam!!!!

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