Men’s Rights Activists are dismayed at lack of political will to protect men – Press Release

Activists fighting for men’s rights have expressed extreme amount of displeasure and dismay at the Cabinet’s decision on the rape law.


The discussion around the rape law gained ground after all media channels unanimously hyped a single case of Delhi gang-rape (December 16, 2012) and made it a national issue inciting public emotions against the male gender and accusing the Government not doing enough to protect women. This was despite the already existing toughly anti-male rape laws and 15 other laws targeted specifically against men which were draconian, barbaric and unconstitutional in nature.

Bowing down to the pressure from the feminist dominated media, the Govt. formed a committee under retired judge Justice Verma whose recommendations sought to convert every intra-gender (male-female) transaction into a non-bailable offense, punishable at the whim and fancy of the woman. All this was done under cute names like stalking, voyeurism, eve-teasing etc. Every definition of crime was not only vague but one-sided. None of the definitions included abuse of men by women.

However, on 3rd February 2013, the Government passed an Ordinance called the Rape Ordinance which identified a wide variety of sexual assaults affecting both the genders and passed a gender neutral ordinance which covered male victims of sexual assault as well. This was a historic move wherein, for the first time in the history of India, a gender neutral law was passed which recognized the abuse of men as well and sought to protect them.

The Shocker:

However, the feminist and the feminist dominated media were extremely unhappy about men being protected and created a lot of hue and cry over the Ordinance being gender neutral and sought to nullify it calling it anti-women.

And the shocker came on the 11th of March 2013, whence the Government actually did a U-Turn, reverting back the bill being gender biased and anti-male, renaming it as the “Anti-Rape Law” instead of erstwhile “Sexual Assault Bill”, leaving male victims of such offenses high and dry.

The consequences:

While, as we all know, it won’t be the case that with the passage of this yet another anti-male law, which does not cater to the problems of the male world, the lives of men are suddenly going to become risky.

Lives of men have always been risky as primarily it is the men who undertake huge risks in order to ensure cultural, technological and societal progress and selflessly men have lost their lives for the same, be it war or adventure or scientific inventions.

Whether it is a case of 5 army-men losing their lives attempting to safeguard the borders of India or a couple of fishermen losing their lives accidentally as they undertake daily risk of fishing in troubled waters in order to eke out a livelihood.

It’s just that, with this law, the lives of men are going to become riskier as now the streets have become extremely dangerous for men as now,

1. Any man who gets entangled with a woman in any sort of argument, which can be due to the woman’s fault or provoked by her will be converted into a false case of stalking or voyeurism and the man would be immediately arrested. For no fault of his, the man would be fighting a frivolous criminal battle.

2. Male victims of feminine sexual aggression, female sex offenders and female rapists would be embroiled in false rape cases wherein the perpetrator of the crime and the victim of the crime would just swap roles.

3. Boys facing sexual assault, inappropriate touch, and sexual oppression from girls and adult female relatives including Ayaahs would continue to face the horror and grow up with an impaired psychology which will affect their quality of life at every stage. It may potentially increase criminal bent of mind in such boys as they grow up to become men and this could rather increase the crime in the society than decreasing it.

4. Small political parties like Maharastra Navnirman Sena, Samajawadi Party, Bahujan Samajwadi Party will face greater risks as their male political cadre could be trapped in false cases of stalking and eve-teasing by opposite parties, especially big and powerful political parties, and this could be a serious blow to the political roadmap of these small parties, who now have no option but to listen to UPA 2.

5. Increase of false cases of rape, molestation, stalking, voyeurism, etc. and the subsequent jailing and harassment of innocent men would contribute towards the growing element of Gynophobia (fear of women). This would result in men shying away from women and mingling with them. In fact, already the helplines of men’s rights activists have started ringing with queries like, “Is it OK to refuse to escort a woman at night?”, “Is it OK to refuse to a movie with a woman at night?”, etc.

6. This will also affect the voting pattern as men’s rights activists have vowed not to vote and to discourage others from voting for either anti-male MPs or for those political parties who did not support the gender neutrality of the bill. They’d rather people to vote for independents or for parties like SP, BSP and the Trinamool Congress.

The Problems:

It was extremely disheartening to see that the Government was bowing down before a few women organizations and backed out on its decision to provide the society with a gender neutral law. It is pertinent to mention here that the electorate of India has not voted for these women organizations, whosoever they may be.

The electorate of India has voted the UPA 2 Government to power and wrested the power of law-making in their hands and it becomes the duty of the UPA 2 Government to ensure a safe and free society for all citizens irrespective of caste, religions, sex and creed. Even the constitution of India, vide Article 14, guarantees the same. And hence, this regressive step of removing gender neutrality from the law is an unconstitutional step by UPA 2 in the event of its failure to contain the anti-male women organizations filled with male hatred.


1. The Houses must not pass the gender-biased version of the bill and must send it back to the Standing Committee for further review.

2. As the Justice Verma Committee totally ignored the presentations sent by the various men’s rights groups, the said Standing Committee should invite these groups and take their views into consideration.

3. The bill must not be passed in the absence of a strong misuse clause to prevent false cases from becoming yet another industry of extortion and revenge.

4. Government must form National Commission for Men and Men Welfare Ministry in order to avoid such last minute hassles and rushes in law making.

5. Only Gender Neutral laws must be passed.

6. Women organizations with vested interests and partisan agenda must not be encouraged to such an extent that they can literally hijack the law-making process.
We end this press release with an end-note of caution that more and more anti-male laws will lead to rise in crime in the society, choice belies with the Government whether to heed to the warning or face the consequences.

Thanks and Regards


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