Nude Wednesday in Holland and a one night stand in Germany – Nina Sangma

red light district and coffee shops, amsterdam
Red light district and coffee shops, Amsterdam
dam square amsterdam
Dam Square Amsterdam

What does being naked in front of other naked strangers feel like? Liberating to say the least. I may not have the body of a Victoria’s Secret model but it’s safe to say mine wasn’t the worst that day. At least it’s a great way to save on therapy money. Seriously, shedding your clothes in public is the best for of catharsis. Just for that, a day at Zwaluwhoeve, the day spa is worth the two hour drive from Amsterdam. The different kinds of saunas ranging from the infra red to Egyptian to the salt room with a dip in the hot springs will cleanse you body mind and soul. Those Dutch may be on to something.

above the pub in alstadt germany
Above the pub in Alstadt Germany

And after you’ve had your ritual cleansing, drive down to Alstadt in Dusseldorf for a night of mind numbing, flesh destroying pub hop in crazy town. You may just land up in Soul centre for the music. You also might think you’re part of a Snoop Dogg video.

classic canal shot amsterdam
Classic Canal Shot Amsterdam

I’m not recommending you make out with the cute Moroccan and then head to his place afterwards. Lunch the next day could be an amazing Moroccan spread in his neighborhood. Just saying, that’s all. You could of course skip the one night stand but I doubt you’ll be able to find your way to the same place for lunch. Sometimes being a complete moron helps.

fish restaurant in alstadt germany
Fish restaurant in Alstadt Germany

Don’t forget to

Buy all your girlfriends Made in China sex toys in Amsterdam
Eat at the fish place in Alstadt. The locals will point it out to you.
Live above an Irish pub in Germany.
Watch soccer with Oranje fans and shout till you sound like a jaat on steroids (no racism this. I love Jaat men)
Try the rose beer, yes beer not wine, it’s so good you’ll want to smuggle some in your suitcase.
Hire a bike and do it like the Dutch.
Exchange your money to euros in India; you’ll be ripped for doing it in Europe

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