578961_2489242167102_612604814_n[1]Your name is nothing, but fester.
A deep wound on my mind.
Which inflames, with rushing blood.
Consumes my entirety, strokes my ruined soul

And I am transformed into a different facade,
No more browbeaten, I speak, I growl.
I pass my resistance onto coming generations.
I crawl up to my ankles, to demolish
And resist an unjust ‘judicial system’.

Your name has swelled my memory
It is your name which grows in size,
And influence,
With every passing day.

I shall take your name,
When I march against tyrant
And merciless rulers.

Your name would
Hypnotize the ‘armies of pharaoh’
Your name would change
‘Rules of war’, forever

By Basarat Hassan

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