Shahriyar Kabir’s Audio Interview to Garga Chatterjee

Shahriyar Kabir’s audio Interview- Garga Chatterjee

If you walk from the Science Lab intersection in Dhaka and hear passionate slogans from the young and old shaking the ground beneath your feet, you are at Shahbag.

Shahbag is reverberating with calls for the trial and punishment of war-criminals and collaborators of the Liberation War of 1971. In the recent past, in both Bengals, there has not been such a powerful and spontaneous explosion of people’s sentiments.

The acting-president of the Ekatturer Ghatok Dalal Nirmul Committee ( the organization formed by martyr-mother Jahanara Imam to destroy the killer-collaborators of 71) and long-time human rights activist Shahriar Kabir talks to MIT researcher Garga Chatterjee in Shahbag, Dhaka. This is a HilleLe interview. Its in Bangla. We’ll soon publish the english translation of the same.

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