Lustful colours – Aditya Bandhopadhyay


This painting is named Lustful Colours by Hille Le. We plucked it from Aditya Bandopadhyay’s social networking page. We love the person in the painting. The red lines on his nose, the orange ray like strokes around him, his big blue eyes and thick juicy lips. The upper lip being green and the lower lip has smudges of red. This face is passionate, intense, troubled, anxious, scared and unreal. Almost diabolical. Aditya has made this on his new Ipad mini.

Aditya Bandhopadhyay is a a lawyer, development consultant, and human rights activist based in New Delhi, India. He works across the Asia-Pacific region.

Aditya had fought the famous Bharosa case for an NGO called the Naz International. In coming weeks we’ll discuss the implications of the Bharosa crisis with him. We’ll also discuss his life as a Gay man in India and the probability of LGBT friendly laws in future India.

Aditya believes that “there is a need to protect and promote the basic human and fundamental rights of every individual, and that discrimination, prejudice, unscientific and unsubstantiated belief systems, and violence needs to be mitigated in a framework established by law, so that a situation conducive to the optimum realisation of human happiness for the most number of people can be realised”. Aditya also believes that “there is a need to ensure equity in distribution of resources in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner, so that the the finite earth can continue to support humanity and human civilisation for future generations.”

In the middle of practicing law, activism and travelling far and wide Aditya clicks photographs. His photographs can be checked out on his website

One thought on “Lustful colours – Aditya Bandhopadhyay

  1. Hey, a very nice surprise in the morning….thank you for picking up that picture and putting it here. Two more things (given the lustfull colours) – first, I’m partially colour blind, so often it’s pure instinct, and have no real clue if the colour is appropriate….and second, I’d sell my artworks/paintings while I put myself through college in Kolkata in the early 1990s, and that was one of the main sources of my sustenance…I shall always be grateful to the artists corner at Birla Academi

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