Police Attacks Anti POSCO Activists

POSCO picThere was a Police Crackdown on the people of the Antiposco movement in Odisha at four in the morning on the third of February 2013.
There was a police crackdown on the people of Govindpur and Nuagaon in Jagatsinghpur district of Odisha. These people have been resisting the forceful acquisition of land for the POSCO project.
The people in the movement told Hille Le ‘While the Chief Minister claims that Odisha is on the path of peaceful industrialization, its government sends platoons of police for land acquisition for this Korean mega steel plant.”
Twelve police teams entered the villages in the early hours of the third of fenruary. They indiscriminately hit people with sticks. This was followed by violent cutting of trees and destroying of betel vines. These vines provide many locals their daily livelihood. More than fifty people were injured. Four women, one elderly person and an eleven year old boy are severely injured.
Hille Le sources have informed that the police has arrested and detained several men and women who tried to resist the action.

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